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I’m George Georgovassilis and this is my technology blog where I write about architecture, programming, security and linux, among other things.

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I work with subject matter experts, business stakeholders, architects and upper management in industries such as banking, finance, insurance, government, telecommunication, transportation, retail, real estate and research towards accelerating digital transformation. Let my cross-industry knowledge help your organisation move its digital transformation ahead.

Digital Transformation

Modern organisations get their operating model in shape by integrating systems, automating processes, analysing and baselining data and re-inventing their business model. Every transformation is hard; there are unknown risks, conflicting goals, an ever changing business environment and fast evolving technologies. Let my experience in modernising organisations all around the globe in major industries help you find and execute your digital transformation strategy which takes into accounts risks, leverages the right technologies and moves your digital transformation journey forward.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture gives back control to the decision makers. Enterprise architecture embraces and drives continual change with modular design of business capabilities, supported by agility in the technology and governance functions of your organisation. Let my decades long experience with execution, operations and governance in every architecture domains help you master change and put structure through governance into your organisation.

Cloud Architecture

No technology affected the way software is developed and operated as much as the cloud. Be it private or public clouds, single- or multi-cloud strategies, let me help you accelerate your IT transformation with building and auditing the right architecture for your business on AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift or PKS.

Organisational Management

Digital transformation moves at a high speed and change processes need to adapt. While technology advances at a rapid pace, people must not be left behind. Agile project management, employing tested and proven methodologies such as SCRUM and Kanban reliably manages a high rate of change, deals with uncertainty, keeps risk low, rises motivation, manages stakeholders and builds a sustainable ecosystem of business and technical capabilities in your organisation. My decades of experience running and modernising engineering departments across industries can help you find the right setup of people and capabilities to match the needs of a demanding, fast-paced business.

Coaching and Training

Learning new things doesn’t have to be tedious. The modern thought-worker is overwhelmed with information and getting out of daily operations is a sacrifice in its own. Therefore it matter most that new skills are learned in an engaging, structured and light way. Through my 20+ years of consulting experience I developed trainings for a broad audience in programming, technology architecture, business analysis, consulting and management.

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