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Azure diaries: can’t access KeyVault

Context: as a tenant administrator you can't inspect KeyVault contents created by other people ("you are unauthorized to view these contents"). Solution: assign yourself appropriate permissions like this: Locate the KeyVault in the Azure portal: go to "Access policies"click "+Add Access Policy"Key permissions: everything under "Key Management Operations" and "Cryptographic Operations"Accordingly for key and certificate … Continue reading Azure diaries: can’t access KeyVault

Secure messaging in the browser

By observing news and public discussions I feel that there is a growing awareness of data privacy and an increasing demand for secure person-to-person communication. In order to address my communication needs, I plugged together a few Javascript libraries and started the Webencryption [1] project on Github. What is Webencryption? Webencryption is a rather crude … Continue reading Secure messaging in the browser

Pidgin having trouble with MSN certificate – and how to fix

I noticed recently that the Pidgin 2.7.5 messenger [1] had problems connecting to MSN with a certificate error about Fortunately I'm neither the first to have that problem, nor to find a solution [2]. MSN apparently replaced their certificate, which now needs to be updated with Pidgin. 1. point your browser to 2. … Continue reading Pidgin having trouble with MSN certificate – and how to fix