CRTL+Space not working in Ubuntu applications

For some time now content assist and the command panel have been broken in Eclipse and Ubiquity running under Ubuntu; they wouldn't trigger the pop-up menues when pressing CRTL+Space. The reason is ibus intercepting that key combination and it's just as easily solved [1]: Open gconf-editor. Choose desktop -> ibus -> general -> hotkey. Open … Continue reading CRTL+Space not working in Ubuntu applications

JEE6, EJB and Glassfish diaries

Some notes while trying to get up on speed with Glassfish and JEE6, mainly about what can go wrong... and there is plenty of it. The most time-consuming activity is researching generic stack traces which hardly ever point to the real cause. NullPointerException when deploying Been there, done that: A beans.xml in META-INF might cause … Continue reading JEE6, EJB and Glassfish diaries