azapi: unsupported attribute

One of my Azure Terraform deployments recently started failing with "unsupported attribute". The deployment involves container app environments which aren't currently supported by azurerm, so I'm working around that with azapi [AZAPI]. The template references an attribute ("staticIp" for the interested reader) in the resource creation JSON output. The deployment started breaking in early January … Continue reading azapi: unsupported attribute

The triangle of the value-creation industry

A project is an activity, limited in time and scope, which transforms an organisation from an initial state into a target state. The project management triangle [1] correlates cost, time, scope and quality of a project and emphasizes that project management choices regarding these factors affect results. All interpretations of the project management triangle I'm … Continue reading The triangle of the value-creation industry

Azure: Service API already exists

Update 2023/01/04: I was wrong. Microsoft Support pointed out that each external APIM instances is assigned a globally unique DNS entry and mine was just too generic. Giving the API management resource a unique name for the region it runs in (eg. by appending a random number) solves the issue. I'm writing a Terraform template … Continue reading Azure: Service API already exists