Secure messaging in the browser

By observing news and public discussions I feel that there is a growing awareness of data privacy and an increasing demand for secure person-to-person communication. In order to address my communication needs, I plugged together a few Javascript libraries and started the Webencryption [1] project on Github. What is Webencryption? Webencryption is a rather crude … Continue reading Secure messaging in the browser

Equal height HTML elements in a container with CSS

Task: create HTML elements that contain other elements and adjust their height to surrounding container. No Javascript allowed. That's surprisingly hard; height:100% won't work; elements generally wrap their contents tightly and don't extend to their parents height dimension. Illustrating the problem: three elements inside a surrounding container Css-tricks lists several ways [1] to get this … Continue reading Equal height HTML elements in a container with CSS

Advanced web security topics

(Updated 22 May 2020) This post discusses web security issues that I come across - so far thankfully mostly by reading about them. It is a work in progress which I'll keep updating. The post title includes "advanced" because the topics discussed here involve clever, non-trivial hacks, are novel at the time of their publication … Continue reading Advanced web security topics