The Model-View-Presenter-Controller pattern

In this post I'll talk about the MVPC (Model-View-Presenter-Controller) design pattern I use in client applications such as progressive web apps and mobile clients. It can be best understood as an evolution of the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern past the MVP (model-view-presenter) pattern. The basics: MVC and MVP You might want to skip this section if … Continue reading The Model-View-Presenter-Controller pattern

Spring @PathVariable mapping incomplete path when dots are included

In all my projects this happens at least once, and I'm surprised over and over again: a controller will not map just anything to @PathVariable by default. Contrary to intuition, the annotation's argument is a regular expression which excludes some characters per default. For instance the url http://localhost:8080/myapp/api/user/testuser@example when mapped to a controller: @RequestMapping(value = … Continue reading Spring @PathVariable mapping incomplete path when dots are included