On translating Tweets

I’ve been following the indonesian startup community for a while, but unfortunately my bahasa is not quite at the level that allows me to casually drop a glance at twitter and go on with my work. While looking for a solution to translate tweets into english for firefox, it turns out that there are a couple of greasemonkey scripts that get the job done, however they appear to work on the old Twitter site and are now defunc.

So, for my and the benefit of my readers, I patched the excellent Twitter Translate [1]. You can find the patched script here [2]. Please note that I removed the automatic translation because the translation service (Google translate) used temporarily blocked me, presumably because of the tweets volume. Now you get a button next to each tweet for translation.

[Update 30.04.2010] This won’t work if you are using https for Twitter.
[Update 01.05.2010] Fix for FF4

[1] Twitter Translate

[2] Patched Twitter Translate

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