3M Happy Text

My first computer was a low-end PC which came with a 3M “Happy” office suite (my term, I have no documentation of the thing). It consisted of two 5,14 inch diskettes, one with “3M Happy Text” and one with “3M Happy Fakt” (German version). I don’t remember anything about Happy Fakt, but I recall 3M Happy Text pretty well. It was a simple, yet feature-rich text-mode editor, extremely intuitive with an in-program pop-up command line for macros etc.

It fit on a single 360kb disk, leaving plenty of space for other things and started pretty quickly, a refreshing novelty for programs at that time.

5,14 inch diskette of 3M Happy Text, German version. Photo by Patrick Klein.
3M splash screen. Photo by Patrick Klein.
3M editing text. Photo by Patrick Klein.

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