English Windows keyboard with German umlauts

I frequently write in multiple languages and switching keyboards is cumbersome, especially when the written languages differ only by a few characters. With regard to German, I’d like a US Windows keyboard layout with German umlauts that are a bit easier accessible than the 3-stroke combination of the US international layout (which has combinations like shift + ‘ + a = ä).

The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Editor [MKL] allows creating custom keyboard layouts, so I used it to modify the US international keyboard to add the following shortcuts:

alt gr + a = ä
alt gr + o = ö
alt gr + u = ü
alt gr + shift + a = Ä
alt gr + shift + o = Ö
alt gr + shift + u = Ü
alt gr + s = ß
alt gr + 4 = §
alt gr + e = €

Head to the github repo [USG], download the entire repo (code -> download ZIP), extract the ZIP archive and run setup.exe


[MLK] Microsoft Keyboard Layout Editor

[USG] Windows US-DE keyboard

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