Ubuntu gesture volume control

I don’t like Windows much, but I loved Windows 11 sound volume control via three-finger touch pad gestures, so I ported that behaviour to Ubuntu 22.04.

The script [TVC] listens to events from a touchpad device, detects three-finger taps and modifies the sound volume depending on the vertical scroll direction.


  1. Download the script from here and save it in a suitable location
  2. Make the script executable:

    chmod u+x touchpad-volume-control.sh
  3. Install evtest [EVT]
  4. Edit the script, replacing the touchpad_device variable with the device path. Again, see [EVT] for instructions how to find the right device
  5. Make the device readable for your user, eg:

    sudo chmod a+r /dev/input/event7

Running the script

You can run the script any way you want, but it has to be run by the logged in user. A system user or root won’t do. I run it as a startup application [STA]. Also remember to make the touchpad event device readable, eg. through a system start-up script.

[TVC] Touchpad volume control

[EVT] evtest

[STA] Ubuntu startup applications

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