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A crazy server recovery

If you're a seasoned server administrator then this post will boring beyond oblivion to you; the ingredients: a headless server (no screen, keyboard)years of personal backups on a linux software RAIDa botched system upgradehappy ending The pretext Several years ago I bought an HP Proliant microserver on discount and set up a NAS with Ubuntu … Continue reading A crazy server recovery

parchive: protecting backups against data corruption

As time goes by, my [place appropriate interval] backups may not grow much, but the size of my entire data archive exceeds the largest available hard disks (don't ask). Taking into account correctness guarantees by hard disk manufacturers, transmission errors over the network and who knows what else, I don't feel confident that I'll flip … Continue reading parchive: protecting backups against data corruption

Thunderbird forgetting passwords

After a simultaneous Thunderbird upgrade and profile migration from Windows to Linux the mail program permanently forgets passwords.       The setting: Thunderbird 52 on Windows Back up profile Restore profile to Thunderbird 60 on Linux Observe that all passwords to all accounts are lost even if entered again This seems to be some … Continue reading Thunderbird forgetting passwords