Testing a Terraform resource deployment

I like to include smoke tests [ST] in my Terraform [TF] deployments just to make sure I didn't overlook anything obvious. One such way is to interact with a resource that invokes other resources, such as an HTTP endpoint that is routed through API gateways, application containers and databases. An easy and portable way to … Continue reading Testing a Terraform resource deployment

Code reusability: from classes to containers

What is the right code granularity? I have previously written about reusing functionality [1] in the micro service context and found then that the old aim to optimise code footprint is a metric in need of a good overhaul. Ever since I'm happy that the idea is getting traction: Classes, libraries, applications OOP reuses code … Continue reading Code reusability: from classes to containers

Fauxjsp: productive JSP development

Important note: This post is not being updated. For up-to-date information refer to the project repository: https://github.com/ggeorgovassilis/fauxjsp/ About JSP In this post I'll present a new open source project I'm currently working on, fauxjsp [1] which re-implements JSP in a way that is more robust and faster for developers. It is intended for development, where … Continue reading Fauxjsp: productive JSP development

Reactive programming for Java, revisited

Abstract Rewritten on 15 January 2015 In this post I'll talk about the problems callbacks introduce into the readability of asynchronous Java programs. I'll also discuss an implementation of method pointers for Java which aids the transformation of a callback-style program into a linear program flow, greatly increasing readability while still being a 100% asynchronous … Continue reading Reactive programming for Java, revisited