Non-Latin characters, openID and the openid4java library

The openid4java [1] library is a very handy set of components that handles openid and oauth for java applications and definitely worth a look before you capitulate in frustration before all that modern openid stuff.

For those of us living and working outside the 7bit-speaking ANSI niche there is one webserver setting to verify: the URIEncoding. For tomcat that would be in /conf/server.xml and should be adjusted to UTF-8:



The problem manifests itself as a strange inability to verify obviously succeeded verification requests from the openID provider when extended attributes were requested (such as name and address) which contain non-latin characters:

VerificationResult verification = manager.verify(receivingURL.toString(), openidResp, di);
Identifier verified = verification.getVerifiedId();

In the particular case, verified will be null.

In a regular production environment this error would not appear because one has instructed the connector to decode URIs as UTF-8.


[1] openid4java

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