A better eq() when matching method arguments with Mockito

I learned late of Mockito [1], even so more I love it. Walking a little farther away from the basics, a frequent needs presents itself to match method parameters (either when specifying or verifying behaviour) based on properties of complex objects which do not implement the java equals contract.

Such an example would be verifying that an order is passed to a checkout method which contains a certain confirmation email address:


Hamcrest matchers and generics to our rescue:

static  T withEmail(final T model, final String email){

    BaseMatcher m = new BaseMatcher() {

        public boolean matches(Object o) {
            if (!(o instanceof HasEmail))
                return false;
            return ((HasEmail)o).getEmail().equals(email);

        public void describeTo(Description arg) {

    return Mockito.argThat(m);


[1] Mockito testing library

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