Eclipse/SVN keeps asking for keystore password on a mac

For my current project I’m working on a Mac and Eclipse kept asking for the OS keystore password every time SVN was accessed.  The eclipse error log says: “StorageException: No password provided.”

While I am sure that there are proper solutions to this problem, relaxing a constraint in the OS keystore did the job for me:

1. Find “Keychain Access” in Spotlight
2. Under “login” find the equinox keystore and the SVN keystore for your repository
3. For both, double click -> access control
4. Check “Allow all applications to access this item” and verify with password
5. Restart Eclipse and it should ask one last time for the password. After that you’re good.

That should work for the SVNkit connector. The native JavaHL connector delegates to the svn binary, so there is no equinox keystore entry. Instead, the entries have the names of the SVN repositories and the procedure from step 3 onwards can be applied.

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