Das Stück Zucker im Blumentopf

Apologies to non-german speaking readers; this post will make no sense to you.

A senior colleague from northern Germany mentioned the German idiom “wie ein Stück Zucker im Blumentopf” to me. At the point of writing (3rd May 2021) there are no search results for this phrase, so I’m proud to announce a world wide exclusive to readers of this blog 🙂

Urban legend has it that in the 60s parents would defer family planning to their children by asking them to put a piece of sugar in a plant pot and water it daily if they wanted siblings.

Nowadays the expression is, apparently, used in a derogatory form to address seniority, eg. “I was already programming when you were still a piece of sugar in the plant pot”.

One thought on “Das Stück Zucker im Blumentopf

  1. Den Ausdruck kenne ich auch nicht. Ich kenne nur Zucker oder Salz auf der Fensterbank legen für den Klapperstorch. Der bringt dann die Baby. Salz = Junge, Zucker = Mädchen

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