The triangle of the value-creation industry

A project is an activity, limited in time and scope, which transforms an organisation from an initial state into a target state. The project management triangle [1] correlates cost, time, scope and quality of a project and emphasizes that project management choices regarding these factors affect results. All interpretations of the project management triangle I'm … Continue reading The triangle of the value-creation industry

Team topologies fix the Spotify model

The Spotify model The Spotify model [SPOM] describes an organisational structure which aims at maximising agility through removing friction. The building block of the Spotify model is the squad, a team which is responsible for the entire lifecycle of a product from inception to implementation, operation and retirement. Friction is removed by maximising squad autonomy: … Continue reading Team topologies fix the Spotify model

Team organisation by capabilities

TL;DR: team must match information- and command flow. Team organisation is a conscious effort Early in my career at Accenture a management class discussed methods for building teams by aligning team capabilities with their mission statements. Which is a bloated way of saying "we made sure we had the right skills for the job". Back … Continue reading Team organisation by capabilities

Jugaad takes agile to the extreme

Introduction Jugaad is an attitude towards delivery which originated in India and consists of three simple tenets: Humility: use whatever works without prejudice Openness: keep your options open Frugality: small expenses keep regrets small Jugaad is agility taken to the extreme and most suitable for projects with a high degree of change, risk and uncertainty. … Continue reading Jugaad takes agile to the extreme