Jugaad takes agile to the extreme

Introduction Jugaad is an attitude towards delivery which originated in India and consists of three simple tenets: Humility: use whatever works without prejudiceOpenness: keep your options openFrugality: small expenses keep regrets small Jugaad is agility taken to the extreme and most suitable for projects with a high degree of change, risk and uncertainty. Nothing demonstrates … Continue reading Jugaad takes agile to the extreme

The problem with standardisation

Standards are a double-edged swordSubbu Allamaraju, CTO Expedia, https://m.subbu.org/lessons-from-2019-5beb64e63bc7 TL;DR: Standardisation reduces the dimensionality of a problem space thus eliminating possibilities for optimisation. Standards reduce the number dimensions of a problem space Consolidation initiatives aim at reducing the number of domains in a problem space in order to make problem handling easier: reduce the number … Continue reading The problem with standardisation

How to improve conversion rates

I watched Kevin Hale's presentation [1] "how to improve conversion rates" (with your UI) and liked his get-to-the-point style. I highly recommend watching the video and am summarizing the content here. I omitted a few parts of Hale's talk (eg. knowledge point and one push button) which, while encyclopedic and interesting, imho didn't advance the … Continue reading How to improve conversion rates

The Accordionist and the value of specifications

On those rare occasions when I arrive home at a God-fearing time, there is, sometimes, a Bulgarian Accordionist sitting in the neighbourhood playing familiar tunes. It's not the action-laden showmanship that compels one to stop and gaze at the spectacle nor the stereotypical French sailor (the kind I never have met in France) easily recognisable … Continue reading The Accordionist and the value of specifications

Of Babylonian kings or why technical users in user stories are OK

Every time a technical system impersonates a human in a user story, God drowns a kitten in an agile waterfall.-- Unknown User stories are supposed to advocate the user's view on a system's behaviour. Whatever technical systems which interface with "our" system think or do does not interest us. But why then is it so … Continue reading Of Babylonian kings or why technical users in user stories are OK