The triangle of the value-creation industry

A project is an activity, limited in time and scope, which transforms an organisation from an initial state into a target state. The project management triangle [1] correlates cost, time, scope and quality of a project and emphasizes that project management choices regarding these factors affect results. All interpretations of the project management triangle I'm … Continue reading The triangle of the value-creation industry

Team topologies fix the Spotify model

The Spotify model The Spotify model [SPOM] describes an organisational structure which aims at maximising agility through removing friction. The building block of the Spotify model is the squad, a team which is responsible for the entire lifecycle of a product from inception to implementation, operation and retirement. Friction is removed by maximising squad autonomy: … Continue reading Team topologies fix the Spotify model

Jugaad takes agile to the extreme

Introduction Jugaad is an attitude towards delivery which originated in India and consists of three simple tenets: Humility: use whatever works without prejudice Openness: keep your options open Frugality: small expenses keep regrets small Jugaad is agility taken to the extreme and most suitable for projects with a high degree of change, risk and uncertainty. … Continue reading Jugaad takes agile to the extreme

The problem with standardisation

Standards are a double-edged sword Subbu Allamaraju, CTO Expedia, TL;DR: Standardisation reduces the dimensionality of a problem space thus eliminating possibilities for optimisation. Standards reduce the number dimensions of a problem space Consolidation initiatives aim at reducing the number of domains in a problem space in order to make problem handling easier: reduce the … Continue reading The problem with standardisation