Increasing Android mobile network stability

My habitation/network carrier/phone combination-situation results sometimes in slow or no internet on my Android phone. I'll talk about a hidden setting which, when properly configured, can increase network stability on an Android phone. Please read the entire post before trying anything, there are severe caveats. Understanding the problem I've had Android phones since 2.2 and … Continue reading Increasing Android mobile network stability

Updating the Galaxy Mini to Android 2.3.3 under Linux

The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 comes with Android 2.2 and can easily be updated to Android 2.3 if you are running Windows on your computer and if you get Samsung's fragile Kies application to run. If you have been following this blog you know that any Windows installations reside safely banned inside Virtualboxes so my … Continue reading Updating the Galaxy Mini to Android 2.3.3 under Linux