Ubuntu on the ASUS VivoBook 17

Following the proud tradition [1],[2],[3] of documenting Linux installations on all the hardware I break, I’m happy to report that Ubuntu 18.04 works fine on the ASUS VivoBook 17 (model number X705U). Things I tested and that work:

  • OS boots from USB and from harddisk
  • Secure boot
  • WLAN
  • USB
  • On board and external (USB) camera
  • On board sound, line in/out sound, USB sound
  • hotkeys for volume and brightness
  • Ethernet
  • Touchpad (precision rather low, but consistent with Windows)

Things I didn’t test:

  • Bluetooth
  • Card reader
  • HDMI


[1] Ubuntu 16.04 on the Acer Aspire E15

[2] Ubuntu 14.04 on the Lenovo Thinkpad E540

[3] Ubuntu 12.04 on the Asus N56VB

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